Equipment Repair, Exchange & Spares


Tempest Telecom Solutions is your single source for multi-vendor network equipment repair, exchange, and test. Our multi-vendor repair solutions include RAN, Microwave, DAS, Data and Optical network equipment. Tempest’s TL 9000 certified Equipment Repair and Exchange Solutions are designed to meet our customer’s highest standard of quality. We pride ourselves in delivering industry leading turnaround times, high yields and excellent customer service.


BG box repair

Depot Repair

Tempest uses the most advanced computer diagnostic hardware for your equipment repair with industry leading turnaround times. Annual maintenance agreements can simplify all legacy equipment repair and provide a cost effective alternative to the OEM. Depot Repair and Return service is offered on a per-transaction basis or by maintenance agreement.

Advanced Exchange for Emergency Replacements

In an emergency situation, you have no time to lose. On those occasions, Tempest will send an advanced replacement exchange for your equipment. As your defective unit is sent to our repair depot, the replacement unit is shipped to you; once repaired, your unit is returned to our inventory.

Critical Sparing

Because we understand the importance of having your network and equipment running 100% of the time, we strive to provide same day and next day replenishment of those items deemed critical. Therefore Tempest offers intelligence around which items to hold, at what levels, and with what SLAs to respond to unexpected failures. And through our custom programs, designed to meet your unique requirements, we can insure that you always have the parts you need available and ready to ship 7x24x365.

Custom Repair Programs

Tempest can provide a complete and custom multi-vendor repair hubbing solution for all of your defective parts and systems… Tempest will act as your single point of contact for the repair of all your failed network equipment. This can include the option to provide a warranty verification and management service in case some products are still under warranty with the OEM. This eliminates the confusion, time and energy spent trying to managing multiple vendors, and have to have your techs sending various products to a variety of different vendors and OEMs.


To save valuable time, money and avoid huge hassle, be sure to test all your decommissioned, dormant or otherwise un-tested assets before you redeploy them. Tempest can provide a comprehensive screening and testing solution to insure that everything is fully functional before they go back into your network. This can be done on-site at your location or at our facility, whichever is easier for you.

Out-of-Warranty and End-of-Life Support

Tempest can support your out-of-warranty and end-of-life repair needs. If we don’t currently have a particular capability in-house, our engineers can work with you to develop it.

Flexible Repair Contracts

Tempest can save you time, money and streamline your process with an annual repair maintenance agreement. Tempest offers multi-vendor repair and support with detailed status reports to track all of your network equipment repairs in process.