Vestwoods VT48200B Lithium Battery Module

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Vestwoods VT48200B: Li-ion Battery System For Communication Base Station Power

The VT48100E is an intelligent Lithium Battery, integrated with self-designed BMS, developed and produced by Vestwoods. It’s widely-used in various telecom and energy storage systems such as indoor distribution stations, integrated base stations, edge stations, micro-cell stations, FTTX equipment, distributed power supplies, and standby and deep cycle ESS.

  • 48 / 51.2 V DC
  • 100 A
  • High-quality LFP cells from a leading mfg.
  • Superior energy density: ≥118 Wh/kg
  • High rate charge/discharge current @100 Amps
  • Long design life: up to 15 years @25° Celsius
  • High efficiency between charge and discharge
  • SOC/SOH dynamic updating
  • CAN/Modbus/SNMP V2/SNMP V3 (optional)
  • Multiple protection methods based on patented BMS
  • Anti-theft solutions available

Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications and discharge information.