Telco Systems T-Marc 3308H Premium NID


Telco Systems T-Marc 3308H – Carrier Ethernet 2.0, MPLS, IP and SDN-Enabled Premium NID

The T-Marc 3308H is a first-class quad-tech demarcation device, offering Carrier Ethernet 2.0, MPLS and IP (Layer 3), and SDN (NETCONF/YANG).

Combining all of these capabilities into one device delivers the most cost- while offering the highest level of protection and assuring that requested effective solution and provides operators with the flexibility to face any service scenario now and in the future. T-Marc 3308H Ethernet/MPLS/IP premium business demarcation device comes with Layer 3 (L3) support and is ready for future SDN-enabled networks. With the right feature blend, T-Marc 3308H brings the highest available value for cost performance. T-Marc 3308H is suitable for wholesale and business service providers to connect their customers efficiently between sites and into the cloud. T-Marc 3308H enables service providers to choose whether to use Carrier Ethernet network capabilities or to use MPLS to the edge without any additional software costs.

  • Premium Carrier Ethernet, MPLS & IP service demarcation device
  • Layer 3 features support: HW-based L3 forwarding with VRF support using static route, OSFP and BGP routing protocols
  • Wire speed, full duplex, non-blocking switching
  • Support for high scale of services using hierarchical QoS (HQoS)
  • Multiple resiliency mechanisms
  • Extensive, field-proven, OAM support
  • MEF, IEEE, ITU-T and IETF standards compliance
  • Multi-vendor interoperable
  • Integrated with EdgeGenie Service Management System – simplifying full lifecycle of network deployment
  • Small footprint, 1RU height, ½ shelf width
  • Hardened temperature (-40°C to 70°C / -40°F to 158°F)