Lucent Modcell V.4.0B-Indoor-3×4-C01

Lucent Modcell V.4.0B-Indoor-3x4-C01


Lucent CDMA Modular Cell 4.0B is a high capacity base station equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies developed by Bell Labs. The product brings you outstanding carrier density.
Our configuration:
Lucent Modcell 4.0B, 850 MHz, Indoor, 3 sector, 4 Carrier site to include the following:
BNJ65B MCR850B Radio (Qty 3)
BKPND (849042486) BACKPLANE (Qty 1)
44WW65B URC-II Universal Radio Controller (Qty 3)
44WW27 CTU Common Timing Unit (Qty 1)
44WW27B CTU-II Common Timing Unit 2 (Qty 1)
KS24564L3A OMU-C Master Timing (Qty 1)
KS24564L4A OMU-R Oscillator Module (Qty 1)
KS24510L1A CPC-A Power Supply Card (Qty 4)
KS24510L2A CPC-B Power Supply Card (Qty 3)
44WWEIOU EIOU I/O Unit (Qty 1)
TIM1 TIM-E1T1 (Qty 2)
BNJ55B CMUV(Qty 2)
BNJ82 SBEVM (Qty 2)
This cabinet can be custom configured based on customer needs.