KMW Communications PAC-1 Portable Antenna Controller


KMW Communications PAC-1 Portable Antenna Controller


  • Monitor and control KMW remote control antennas
  • Support DC Pulse signaling (PAC-I) and AISG protocol (PAC-A)
  • Using feederline instead of separate control cable to control antenna (PAC-I only)
  • Downtilt, Beam steering and Beam width adjustment
  • Display control status
  • Password protected for security
  • RS-232C interface to PC for software upgrade and data management
  • History management of antenna control
  • Easy carry by shoulder strap or carrying case
  • Rechargeable battery power operation
  • AC/DC power adaptor, Control cable, Bias-T provided
  • Supports AISG interface antenna
  • Kit includes: PAC-1, Bias Injector, AC/DC/ SMPS Adaptor, AC Power Cable, Carrying Case

Please refer to KMW Antenna Guide for additional information.