Eltek Flatpack S 48V/1800W HE Rectifier


Eltek Flatpack S 48V/1800W HE – Flatpack S rectifiers cover 2 to 5.4kW applications.

Compact HE rectifiers for small to medium telecom applications
The Flatpack S rectifiers incorporate telecom specifications, high efficiency, OR-ing protection on output and high power in a small, 217 mm deep box.

Used in the 1U high, 2 or 3 rectifier positions power rack with Smartpack S controller and battery and load distributions, the Flatpack S rectifiers cover 2 to 5.4kW applications using a minimum of space, less than 6 liters, and low heat dissipation.

  • Small
  • Short
  • Power density – 47 W/inch3
  • High efficiency
  • OR-ing protection on output
  • Hot pluggable
  • Voltage and power keying

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