Adtran 1184500L1 OPTI-6100 System Controller Module

Adtran 1184500L1 OPTI-6100 System Control Module

The Adtran 1184500L1 is a system controller module for the Opti-6100 multiplexer. The 1184500L1 system controller modules are provisioned, alarm status is monitored, performance is queried, and tests of any module are initiated through the SCM. The system controller modules is hot-swappable and features auto-upgrade capability. The 1184500L1 provides processing for all SONET DCC channels.

    • Processing for all SONET DCC channels
    • Provisioning of all modules
    • Testing and performance monitoring
    • Ping Support
    • Hot swap capability
  • Auto-upgrade capability
  • RADIUS Server Support
  • System Configuration Archive (SCA)
  • Access to module performance monitoring logs
  • System Event and Alarm History logs
  • Remote file transfer using TFTP, FTP, SFTP, or FTOT (File Transfer Over TL1)
  • Security Features: Password Complexity, Account Expiration, and Password Aging
  • External alarm inputs (1–19) and fan alarm input
  • Provides alarm status to NMA and SNMP
  • Alarm Cut-Off (ACO) control (pushbutton and wired)
  • Visual/Audible alarm outputs (normally open contacts)
  • Supports TL1, SNMP, Telnet, and SSHv2
  • Multiple system management options; refer to Management Interfaces