ADC FlexWave MMW 110 Millimeter Wave Transmission System


ADC MMW-110-VSD-SYS LGC-ADC-3.072 GBPS Millimeter Wave Transmission System

FlexWave MMW 110 is a point-to-point millimeter wave transmission system that operates in the licensed 71 GHz to 86 GHz spectrum and provides fiber-speed wireless Line of Sight (LOS) communications links within a 1 – 6 km range. The MMW 110 features a 10″ lens making the product suitable to mount on electric poles and any other medium without the restrictions of high pointing stability. The MMW 110 has the largest beam width  allowed by the FCC in the 71-86 GHz band (1.2 deg.).

  • High Availability (99.999%)
  • Best-in-class link performance
  • High Capacity (3.072 Gbps)
  • Reduced cost per bit due to the inherent cost- and data-efficiency of native Ethernet
  • Same cost as microwave but with 10x higher bandwidth
  • Simple and quick install