Jessica Firestone

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Firestone is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempest Telecom Solutions. Jessica’s career began as a sales and customer support representative at Century Computer Marketing, a leading distributor of computer equipment and spare parts. In 1996, she joined Somera Communications, a pioneering provider of new and used telecommunications infrastructure equipment and services as a divisional sales manager responsible for sales to wireless carriers throughout the United States. From 1996 to 2002, Jessica was promoted several times, from Manager to Director and finally to Vice President of Wireless Sales, where she led the company’s largest sales division, managing a team of 27 people, with responsibility for $97 million revenue. Jessica left Somera Communications in 2002 to pursue other opportunities. She then joined Somera Ventures, a Santa Barbara based private equity investment firm where she worked with several of their portfolio companies as a Business Development Advisor. It was her vision and industry insight that ultimately led to the launching of Tempest Telecom Solutions.

Dan Firestone

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Firestone started his business career in 1978 when he was engaged in several small, high-growth private companies in the computer distribution, real estate, and manufacturing industries. In 1984, Mr. Firestone and a partner co-founded Century Computer Marketing, a distributor of computer products and spare parts, and served as its Chief Executive Officer until May 1994. Under Dan’s direction, Century Computer grew from start-up to $40 million in annual revenue with six offices in four countries before it was sold in 1994 to a small public company for $32 million. After spending a year providing management consulting services and searching for his next project, in July 1995 Dan and two partners launched Somera Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMRA), which grew to $220 million in annual revenue. Dan served as Chief Executive Officer from 1996 to September 2001, and as Chairman of the Board from inception until September 2003. Along the way, Dan was responsible for raising $52.8 million in venture capital, $65 million in debt financing, and $120 million in the company’s initial public offering in November 1999. In September 2001, Mr. Firestone stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of Somera Communications, Inc. to pursue his own venture investment and business consulting activities, as a principal and President of Somera Ventures, LLC, a Private Equity Investment firm that now holds seven companies in its portfolio. He sits on the board of, and provides strategic and operational consulting to, several of his portfolio companies, including Tempest Telecom Solutions.

Julie Lubin

Chief Financial Officer

Julie Lubin is a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Tempest Telecom Solutions. Ms. Lubin also holds the same title at Somera Capital Management, where she is responsible for internal financial management, oversight of investment reporting, and company planning. She has more than 15 years of experience as a controller, chief financial officer, business manager, as well as the tax and financial adviser to many high net worth individuals and privately owned businesses. She has extensive experience handling sophisticated multi-million dollar financial transactions in both the real estate and non-real estate markets, ranging from sales and purchases, recapitalizations and reorganizations, venture capital investments and workouts. Ms. Lubin served as the Controller and Chief Financial Officer for Somera Communications, Inc., a worldwide distributor of telecommunications infrastructure equipment, where she managed the company.s growth from start-up to more than $100 million in revenues in less than four years. She instituted the financial reporting systems needed to facilitate a significant investment in the company by a venture capital firm, leading to the company’s eventual IPO and NASDAQ listing.

Steve Doil

Senior Vice President, Operations

Steve Doil is a dynamic and transformational leader with over 30 years of progressive and diverse global experience transforming Fortune 500 and Private Equity businesses in highly competitive environments. Mr. Doil’s career has focused on high tech industries including aerospace, defense, semiconductors, consumer electronics, and telecommunications. Having led global manufacturing, service, repair, procurement, supply chain, warehousing, and logistics operations, he has a demonstrated track record of dramatically improving company culture, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and profitability. Mr. Doil holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA in General Management and Finance from Texas Christian University.

Jeff Meskill

Vice President and General Manager of Technical Services Division

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and an Executive MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance. He has lived overseas for a major portion of his professional career which has helped form his diverse global background. Jeff has held key positions throughout his corporate and military career mainly aimed at setting up and running large global technical service businesses in the Telecom Industry. Jeff specializes in improving operational efficiencies, restructuring value streams and taking out cost. With 15 years of multinational experience he joined tempest in 2015 as the VP and GM of Tempest’s Technical Services Division. Jeff and his family currently reside in Dallas, Texas.

Richard Smith

Vice President of Business Development, Vendor Relations

For more than 25 years, Richard Smith has successfully led sales, marketing, and supply efforts in various technology-driven industries. Mr. Smith began his career in assorted sales and marketing capacities for DJC Corporation, a successful computer hardware distributor. He then spent 8 years serving as Vice President of Purchasing and Supply for Century Computer Marketing in Los Angeles, CA and then as Vice President of North American Sales for Aurora Electronics. Mr. Smith went on to serve as Vice President of Supply for Somera Communications, developing and managing their global sourcing and supply strategy. In 2005, Mr. Smith joined Global Power Supply as Vice President of Business Development. a provider of large power generation equipment. In October of 2009, Richard Smith joined Tempest Telecom Solutions as VP of Business Development and Vendor Relationships.
Brian Tolly

Brian Tolly

Director, Network Test and Security Sales

Brian Tolly joins Tempest Telecom as the Director of Network Test and Security sales. Brian is responsible for launching the Network Test and Security business unit at Tempest. He will have national responsibility to help solve customer challenges with award winning solutions from our key partners such as Spirent Communications, Gigamon and Apposite Technologies.

Brian brings with him 20 years of experience in the Test and Measurement space. His career spans from 4 Mbit/s Token Ring up to 400G Ethernet. Brian was a consumer of test solutions from the likes of Spirent when he was a Senior Engineer and Analyst at The Tolly Group ( and was published as a recognized expert with feature stories and columns featured in Network World magazine.

Brian coordinated a successful Global Interoperability test event at the MultiService Switching Forum, a telecommunications industry association which promoted interoperability in the field of next generation networking products. The event encompassed over 50 vendors in 4 countries on 3 continents for 2 weeks of 24/7 testing of over 1,000 test cases! He also sat on the Board of Directors as the Testing Committee Chair of the Voice over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA).

Brian spent 12 years at Spirent Communications starting his career helping build out a global Professional Services organization. His career culminated when he moved into sales where he focused on assisting clients in the optimization of their labs though automation with a product that was designed to take non-scripters and allow them to build reusable test cases that could be automated with great ease. He continued his lab optimization efforts while at Netscout offering Layer 1 switching solutions for the lab environment to help customers maximize lab efficiency while minimizing costs associated with the re-cabling labs for each test scenario.