Equipment Supply and Logistics


Whether you are rolling out a new network or trying to keep your “legacy” network running, Tempest Telecom Solutions helps its customers manage the technology cycle efficiently and cost-effectively. Tempest’s wide selection of New and Refurbished Equipment and Asset Management services assist carriers in bridging their past and future operations. Tempest Line Card

BG box equipment

Equipment Supply


Tempest offers a comprehensive selection of new, used and refurbished telecom infrastructure equipment.  Our offering covers all network elements from most major OEMs, including; Wireless Base Stations, Optical Transport, Power Systems,  Microwave Radios, Network Routers, DAS Systems, and Switch Equipment.  You can count on Tempest to supply all your network infrastructure needs!

Upgrades & Spare Parts

Tempest understands that downtime means lost time – and money. Tempest helps its customers reduce downtime and solve network equipment delays and shortages. Tempest’s broad product experience with a wide range of manufacturers and technologies, including Wireless, Transmission, Data, Power and more, makes us the vendor of choice for all your expansion and spare parts requirements.  With our extensive, on-hand inventory, sourcing expertise and proprietary sourcing database, the experts at Tempest can find exactly what you need when you need it. Tempest also offers Legacy Equipment Repair and TAC Services to fully support your “legacy” network.

Configured Systems

Tempest is the value-added partner when it comes to providing complete configured base stations, microwave, power solutions, cabinets and racks customized to specific customer requirements. With years of experience and thousands of systems from multiple OEM’s shipped, we pride ourselves in OEM level configurations and testing capabilities, insuring that every component, cable and bracket is included so that each frame is “plug and play” and ready to go. Tempest provides quality equipment and timely delivery at significant savings.


Reuse and Reconfiguration

Tempest’s sophisticated “purchase avoidance” and reuse programs for surplus assets help carriers reduce CapEx and Opex budgets.  Tempest turns your decommissioned infrastructure equipment into useful parts and whole units for network expansion, spare parts and repair replacements.   Tempest’s shared database of your surplus equipment makes idle assets available to all your planners, helping to avoid costly, unnecessary purchases.  Our extensive repair and reconfiguration capabilities insure that all reused product integrates seamlessly into your network.

Asset Management

As an R2 Certified vendor, Tempest offers a comprehensive suite of remarketing and scrapping services including:

  • Customized remarketing programs targeting the highest value customers for your excess equipment.
  • Environmentally compliant scrapping and recycling services
  • Professional project management, inventory tracking systems and advanced reporting capabilities to track the movement of product throughout the process.
  • Project Management of High Quality De-installation/ De-commissioning and equipment handling services to preserve equipment’s resale value.

Inventory Planning

With budget constraints, carriers are looking to reduce costs, while maintaining critical spares levels. Having the right product at the right place and time is key. Our advanced software solutions will forecast demand, optimize target stock levels and integrate with other systems to execute supply, replenishment and repair orders for each part across your entire supply chain. Tempest can also help you analyze your “Last Time Buy” needs as OEM’s discontinue products.

Quick Ship Solutions

When it comes to network operations, we understand that downtime means lost time and dollars. Tempest can help solve your network equipment delays and shortages. With our on-hand inventory and proprietary sourcing database, the experts at Tempest can find exactly what you need when you need it.