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Test and assurance for the communications industry

Testing and assurance for secure financial interactions
Discover how Spirent is helping service providers and vendors collaborate more effectively for faster time-to-market and better customer experiences.

What does cloud DDoS protection service do?

Optimal DDoS protection and mitigation service to meet any organization’s needs
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more frequent, more powerful and more sophisticated. With the growing availability of attack tools and global botnets, the pool of possible attacks is larger than ever. Relying on humans to prevent and block attacks is simply not enough, and organizations dependent on manual-based DDoS protection and mitigation services are not fully protected from today’s threats.

Lack of network solutions has consequences

Put dynamic network intelligence to work
With dynamic network intelligence, your security and performance monitoring solutions get the data they need to deliver results. Ixia provides data from every network segment, every type of cloud, encrypted or not, and filters at line-rate speed to increase efficiency.
Gigamon-Tempest Network Solutions

IT Modernization for Federal Government Agencies

Enabling Agency IT Teams to Run Fast and Stay Secure
IT modernization and digital transformation is underway across U.S. federal agencies with an urgent focus on the end-user experience, cloud migration, operational efficiencies and cyber security. As a trusted and approved partner of the U.S. federal government, Gigamon offers immediate help. In fact, all of the top 10 agencies use Gigamon solutions.